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Presbyterians believe that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior. That is the single theological statement made at the time of baptism into the church.

We draw on that simple, yet powerful, statement. We also believe in the amazing love of Christ.

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Magical Deserts




Exotic Urbanism




Misty Mountains





We believe that God, while in three persons (a word that does not do justice to the concept), is one. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are of the same substance, continually unified in perfect community.

We believe that this Trinitarian God creates, redeems and sustains us. Unique among Presbyterian belief is an emphasis on the sovereignty of God. This sovereign God rules over all, is more powerful than any human -- or any malevolent force -- and is the creative source of all things. We believe God remains active in the world. The good news of this theology is that our sovereign God is ultimately in control.


The Human Condition

We believe that God created the world good. Humans, as God’s created children, are intended to worship the one true God who is the source of all things, but (by our own choice) we turn to idols of our own creation. This is sin. In following our own will rather than that of God, we not only move out of right relationship with God, but also diminish our relationships with one another. Our choices leave us and our relationships broken and in need of healing.


Jesus Christ

Jesus is the centerpoint, the touchstone of Reformed theology, as evidenced by the baptismal statement above. Presbyterians believe that God loved humankind enough to come to earth in the person of Jesus, our Messiah -- the true embodiment of God, fully human and fully divine. Jesus was born, lived an exemplary life, died and rose from the dead for us and for our salvation.



Since God is the one who initiates all relationship, only God’s grace can reconcile broken relationship. Thus it is through Christ that we can enjoy true communion with God and God’s people. We are saved through God’s sacrificial love in Jesus Christ alone. This is a free gift, which we cannot earn. We can only accept this grace with gratitude and respond to it in love for God and neighbor.


The Holy Spirit

We believe that God sent us an advocate in Christ’s name, the Holy Spirit, who gives life to the world and leads us in joyous discipleship. We believe that all that we do, in worship, in mission, and in our daily lives depends on this living Spirit and the strength and hope it provides.



Presbyterians believe that God speaks to us through biblical scripture, the authoritative word of God that points us toward God’s living Word, Jesus Christ.

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